Tween and Teen Forest Field Trip Series

One session: $60
Three or more sessions: $40 each
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6-8 hours 
depending on season
Fridays 7.Dec.2018 to 15.Mar.2019
Wednesdays 20.Mar.2019 to 19.Jun.2019

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One of the things we, as tour guides, have learned in our years adventuring in Oregon and Washington is that the forest has so much to teach us. More importantly, the lessons are gradual, often unconscious, and over time, expansive.

A fellow tour guide, one with a decade in the industry, exclaimed at the beautiful yellow leaves under the recovering forest. “Thimbleberries!” I said, having recognized the lovely contrast immediately after returning to trails closed for over a year — and scarred by fire —¬†because I have seen them in every season, the new ones on the disturbed trailsides and roadways, the established ones tucked safely on the edges of state park meadows. I’ve found my favorite bushes for nibbling on the first, and the last, ripe berries in the summer.

Reading the winter forest is often only possible if one has read the forest in summer; recognizing the surprising reds and golds in the fall is so much easier if one has seen the lush green of the preceding months. What is a spring, and how is it possible the waterfalls flow even in the dry months of summer? If you’d been here in the winter, if you’d hiked to the source of a stream — maybe you’d understand.

We believe that the best education doesn’t happen with lectures and scientific names (though we’re happy to indulge in a little Latin name dropping if that’s our guests’ thing).

The idea of this series of Forest Field Trips aimed at tweens and teens is to engage in the wildness around us both as new adventures and repetitive ones. We’ll leave the inner eastside of Portland in the morning (with an optional stop at the Troutdale General Store for eastern suburbs) with snacks, water bottles, rain coats, and shoes that can handle mud; we’ll come back in the mid-afternoon. What we do in between will change every week; hikes to waterfalls and viewpoints, exploring fire-damaged forest or walking along the banks of the river to see the migrating swans of Crown Point, bike rides on the quietest part of the old highway, wildflower walks in the spring. We have experience in geology, botany, history, literature, native storytelling, mythology, photography and videography, and lots of other things too, so we can support the group in whatever they’re interested in — but this will be child-led, we’ll tell them what we’re into and they can participate or give us ideas of their own.

Or it can be just a walk in the woods.

Parents are encouraged to come along, too, if they like; but as participants, not as chaperones. Field trips shouldn’t just be for elementary students.

Field trips are for everyone.

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