NW Portland: Bike, hike, beer

Bike, Hike and Taste Beer in Portland’s Oldest Neighborhood: $100

One of the things we love most about Portland is how the oldest neighborhoods can continue to provide the most modern delights — and that’s true of Northwest Portland. Everything old is new again, newly vibrant, newly infused with our food, beer and wine culture, newly invested with the intensity of the ever-changing population of this city. We’re growing, and while we have growing pains from time to time, what’s important is that we grow with them.

Enter our Northwest Portland Bike, Hike and Beer Bike Tour — a taste of everything the city has to offer, in the part of the city where the very first Portlanders lived, worked, walked, grew roses, fried eggs and brewed beer. Our 4-5 hour tour begins on the Eastside, with a sweet ride down the east side of the Willamette River, along the floating walkway with beautiful views of the oldest bridges and Portland’s first waterfront.

We’ll head across the Steel Bridge and along the NW edge of the river, winding past waterfowl perched on aged pilings, water towers from long-unused mills, and into the heart of the Pearl District. Heading up into the NW hills, we’ll wind through one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city and up into Forest Park. Leaving our bikes locked up, we’ll hike the neighborhood’s favorite route, past millions-years-old basalt and to an old stone structure known locally as the witch’s castle (odds are, your bike tour guide is, herself, a forest witch).

Once our hike is done, we’ll wind back into the Slabtown neighborhood, where one of the city’s best breweries has opened an Innovation Lab making ever-newer and more exciting versions of one of the world’s finest ancient brews. You’ll enjoy a light lunch and a variety of whatever’s new that day. Ride back to SE Portland through yet another neighborhood, or leave your bikes to the guide to transport and head off to your late afternoon plans.