AWP tours: Writers and Kids in the Columbia Gorge

Children hiking to the hidden waterfalls

You’re at AWP and where are your children? Outside, we hope. With us. While you attend sessions at the 2019 AWP Conference in Portland, we’d love to hang out with your awesome kids. Sarah Gilbert and Edwin Skaug, tour guides, certified coaches, and experts at both the outdoors and getting along with children of all ages, will scoop your children up at the Convention Center and take them to see the sights and hike (easy, short hikes) in the Columbia Gorge.

Day one, Thursday March 28 will include a number of up-close and personal encounters with waterfalls on the Oregon side of the river, while Day two, Friday March 29 will spend a little more time with the cores of ancient volcanoes and spend more time on the Washington side. Both days will include lots of time in the open air and storytelling about the rocks, plants, rivers, fish, birds, myths and legends of the Columbia Gorge. $75 is the price for each day — a steep discount from our adult-focused tours.

We’ll start each day with snacks, stories and viewpoints; from here we’ll stop at a couple of important features of the Columbia Gorge for 45 minute to hour-long hikes at our group’s pace. We’ll have a nice long stop for lunch in a riverside town in the center of the Columbia Gorge, and then do one hike and one sightseeing excursion in the afternoon.

There will be lots of snacks, but we suggest packing a lunch if your child has dietary needs or quirks. We’ll take care of everything else: we’ll contact you once you book for all the nitty gritty details.

The tour is most appropriate for kids age 8-17, but if you have younger children we’re happy to chat directly about their abilities and personalities.

We’ll also be available Wednesday afternoon for family tours if you’d like to get to know us first (booking links coming).

Want tours outside of these two days, or have some special need? Give us a call at 503-889-6410 or email

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