Take a deeper look at the most popular destinations — and discover the places unfairly left off the must-see lists with our offerings: bicycling, hiking and Sprinter tours that bring you out of the ordinary. Our custom and private tour offerings are as endless as your imagination; email us to learn more.

Meditative Garden Bike Tour — $80
10 a.m. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
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Experience Portland’s gardens in a deeper way on a bike tour that will delve into garden design as it’s meant to access your higher self and touch all your senses — including your sense of spiritual connectedness. Our about four-hour tour includes admission to the Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden, guided meditations, and visits our guide’s favorite downtown meditative gardens and places. About eight miles of biking and one considerable uphill climb.
Meet in inner NW Portland. Bikes provided.

Beyond Voodoo Doughnut Bike Tour — $50*
8:00 a.m. Wednesday, Thursday
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Portland has so much more to offer than standing in line for porny doughnuts! Our tour experiences doughnuts like Portland’s legendary bike tour guides — people who have put in 100s of hours and dollars on their bikes, searching out doughnut shops and testing as many as we could burn off on the way home. Expect to try doughnuts of a wide variety and learn about the fried dough specialties of many places (especially this one). Our about three-hour bike tour will stop at 3-4 doughnut purveyors with about 12 miles of moderate biking.
Meet in inner NE Portland. Bikes provided.

Small Wineries of the Willamette Valley Tour — $100*
10 a.m. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
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Delve into the world-class Pinot Noir of the Willamette Valley and discover some of its lesser-known varieties as well in this tour meant to explore wineries whose names you may not have heard before — but you won’t forget. We’ll take you to four wineries with smaller case production but very big stories, views and flavors. Expect a deep and broad exploration of the terroir, history, and geology of the Willamette Valley and the surrounding regions that influence its wines. Tasting fees are not included; a nosh platter will be served.
Our tour will get you back to Portland in time for dinner. Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

Northern Columbia Gorge Tour — $70*
10 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
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The Columbia Gorge from Crown Point, on the cusp of spring, February 2017

From views of waterfalls to monoliths to a loving history of Native American culture, the Northern Columbia Gorge is a new perspective on Oregon’s most beloved outdoor destination. While the Eagle Creek / Indian Creek fire complex has greatly impacted our ability to access this beautiful place, we can experience much of its beauty from the Washington side of the river. Our five-hour tour will visit scenic viewpoints, Beacon Rock, the Columbia Gorge Interpretative Center, and stop for lunch in the town of Stevenson, Washington, a historic sternwheeler stop along the Columbia.
Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

The BEST Mt. St. Helens Tour — $225*
7 a.m. May 15 – Oct 31

This is a 12-hour expedition that will take you places few non-locals ever see, along with some of the more well-known, but breathtaking, sites. This includes not only views into the crater from the more remote viewpoints in the heart of the blast zone,  but also visits to the third longest lava tube in North America, a lava cast forest, an old-growth stand with 10-ft (3-m) diameter trees, a brewpub in Skamania County, and stops in the Columbia River Gorge.  Expect up to 6 miles (10 km) of moderate hiking.
Lunch is provided, with a dinner stop in Carson or Stevenson. Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

The Tour of Sacred Places — $140*
10 a.m. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

See the landmarks that have inspired awe, grandeur, and reverence among the  people of what is now Multnomah County. You’ll take in the splendor of Portland’s oldest and most beautiful churches, synagogues, and temples, as well as learning the Native American stories honoring the 5 stratovolcanoes visible from Portland and the Columbia River Gorge.  Stops will be made that allow you to get intimate with Portland’s oldest continuously-operating cemetery (and second largest arboretum), Portland’s world-renowned Catholic sanctuary known as The Grotto, and a cathedral waterfall that WE like think of as EVERYBODY’S temple.
??? is provided, with a ??? stop at ???. Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

*These tours require an extra fee for bookings of one guest only. Please contact us at 503-889-6410 for single guest bookings.