Take a deeper look at the most popular destinations — and discover the places unfairly left off the must-see lists with our offerings: bicycling, hiking and Mercedes Sprinter tours that bring you out of the ordinary. Our custom and private tour offerings are as endless as your imagination; email us or call 503 889-6410 to learn more about options and large group discounts.

Hiking and Biking: Columbia Gorge Hidden Waterfalls — $90*
8:30 a.m. Weekdays; afternoon openings available (please call)

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Hike to waterfalls, bike the beautiful curves of the Historic Columbia River Highway, and see the Columbia Gorge beyond the experience of most tourists. The gorge is so rich, with waterfalls spouting off 800- to 1,000-foot-tall towering basalt walls in view of the freeway; but our tour is off the interstate. We start at our favorite viewpoint in the gorge, seeing the river and two states’ worth of beauty laid out before us; then we get on our bikes and ride down twisting, quiet historic highways to our favorite waterfall hikes. We’ll lock up our bikes and hike the 2.5-mile loop to a waterfall a gentle climb up the side of Larch Mountain. After the loop, a short bike ride takes us to two more tucked-away waterfalls, before we get back on the interstate to see still more. Tour includes vegetarian snacks, and coffee or tea, as well as fitted bike and helmet. One of our enthusiastic guides will ride and hike along with you; ours are the only fully-supported gorge bike tours available! (Please note most of our ride is on historic highways that do have moderate vehicle traffic in busy seasons; for traffic-free options, ask for a custom tour.)

Columbia Gorge Day Hiking Tour — $105*
8 a.m. Daily

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The 80 miles of the Columbia River Gorge’s steep rocky sides offer some of the most spectacular hiking in the world, complete with pounding waterfalls, eagles, century-old trees, ferns, flowers, and ancient rocks. Join us for a day of exploring with 2-3 hikes aimed at pushing you to new heights both physical and experiential. Based on your group’s fitness level and the season, hikes could include Hamilton Mountain, Rowena Crest, Beacon Rock, Dog Mountain, Falls Creek Falls, and many others. Coffee and snacks included; your naturalist guide will accompany you on most of the day’s hikes. Expect 4-8 miles of hiking; elevation gain dependent on group. Pickup and drop-off in or near downtown Portland.

Portland Meditative Garden Tour — $120
10 a.m. Daily

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Experience Portland’s gardens in a deeper way. Our vehicle tour will delve into garden design as it is meant to access your higher self and touch all your senses — including your sense of spiritual connectedness. Our about five-hour tour includes admission to the Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden, guided meditations, and visits our guide’s favorite downtown meditative gardens and places. The tour is meant as a philosophical and historical approach to the garden as it is used in urban spaces, but one with a significant sense of delight in the encounter.

Pickup at lodging in Central Portland. Garden admission and snacks provided.

Small Wineries of the Willamette Valley Tour — $125*
10 a.m. Daily

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Delve into the world-class Pinot Noir of the Willamette Valley and discover some of its lesser-known varieties as well in this tour meant to explore wineries whose names you may not have heard before — but you won’t forget. We’ll take you to four wineries with smaller case production but very big stories, views and flavors. Expect a deep and broad exploration of the terroir, history, and geology of the Willamette Valley and the surrounding regions that influence its wines. Tasting fees are not included; a nosh platter will be served.
Our tour will get you back to Portland in time for dinner. Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

Urban Winery and Farm-to-Table tour — $100*
2:00 p.m. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays; other days available (please call)

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The urban wineries of Portland are growing to stand among their world-class Willamette Valley siblings; not just beautifully-made wine from some of the region’s best vineyards, but also showcases for exquisite farm-to-table cuisine. Our Urban Winery and Farm to Table tour is an experience that finally recognizes that.

With both the Willamette Valley’s and the Columbia Valley’s American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) providing the grapes, Portland’s urban wineries represent a distillation of the region, nearly 2,000 vineyards and dozens of varieties. The city’s wineries are also a hotbed of innovation. The wild variety of growing regions and fruit is matched only by the creativity of the makers crushing, fermenting and blending their wine in the industrial and residential neighborhoods of the inner city.

And then there’s the food! We will visit three carefully hand-picked urban wineries, the last one which will include seasonal, vegetable-rich pairings of inventive local farm-to-table cuisine. Wineries are chosen the same way they are in the top sommelier-led tours: our expert guides taste through the flights regularly to select only our favorites.

Price includes farm-to-table small plates at the final stop and transportation in a Mercedes Sprinter or other comfortable vehicle; tasting fees are not included.

Wish you were here! Columbia Gorge Waterfalls Tour — $60*
8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Daily

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We wish you were here! And everyone we know wishes they could spend more time in the 80 mile (130 km) long Columbia River Gorge. Its wonders include stunning views, moss-heavy temperate rainforests, and, in the winter, hundreds of waterfalls and the trails that lead to them — not least of which is the Pacific Crest Trail, where Cheryl Strayed finished her journey of her book and the movie, Wild. Through it all winds the Historic Columbia River Highway, skirting the steep basalt walls of the Oregon side of the gorge to lead to sweeping views for dozens of miles. We’ll drive in a comfortable Mercedes sprinter or other vehicle about 35 minutes from Portland to our favorite bit of the historic highway, visiting two amazing viewpoints (one featuring a castle-like rest stop) and several waterfalls, with very short hikes. Among our stops will be Multnomah Falls, famous for its scenic Benson Footbridge and its height (the falls is the tallest in Oregon and among the tallest permanent year-round waterfalls in the U.S.). Lest your friends forget you, we’ll send them home postcards (you pick from our signature custom-made cards!) from one of the nation’s smallest post offices, Bridal Veil, established 1886 and still hand-cancelling mail.

Urban Winery Bike Tour — $75 *
3 p.m. Daily

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Urban wine bike tour? Yes. We’re crazy about Willamette Valley wine, bikes, and Portland. With an explosion of wineries within the Willamette Valley, many right here in Portland, it was easy to put one (or several!) together. We’ll meet you only blocks from a few such wineries, in the inner SE industrial district, where we’ll fit you with a bike and a helmet and talk wine. Due to limited opening hours for some wineries, routes will vary, but stick mostly on the eastside for 8-10 miles of biking, under bridges and through gardens and industrial areas, past vineyards growing in urban pockets, straight into barrel rooms behind trainyards. We’ll have the opportunity to taste at three wineries (tasting fees not included), and your guide will provide background about Oregon’s wine industry, and anything else you need to know, and lots of enthusiasm over our amazing city wines.
Meet in Inner SE Portland. Fitted bike, helmet, and vegetarian snacks provided.

Bike the Columbia Gorge:
Waterfalls & Scenic Roads — $150
8 a.m. Daily

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Bike and hike both ends of the Historic Columbia River Highway on this intense experience across the gamut of Oregon geology and climactic zones. Start with 4-6 miles in the wet, waterfall-laden Western Columbia Gorge (includes short hikes to waterfalls) and then we drive east of Hood River for 5-13 miles of the gorgeous, sinuous arid end of the old highway in what we call a wildlife playground: bald eagles, deer, and more! Tour includes vegetarian lunch, snacks, and coffee or tea, as well as fitted bike and helmet. One of our enthusiastic guides will ride along with you; this is the only fully-supported gorge bike tour available! (Please note most of our ride is on historic highways that do have moderate vehicle traffic in busy seasons.)
If you or your travel partners aren’t confident on bicycles, our guides will provide hiking alternatives while our cyclists are riding their bikes. We want to make sure everyone is accommodated!

Food Carts of Portland by Bike — $75*
10 a.m. Daily

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You’ve heard about Portland’s famous food carts — but the choices are overwhelming! Do you know there are over 60 pods, collections of food carts? Let us guide you on a culinary experience through some of our favorites, sampling everything from farm-to-table delights to snacks appropriate to late-night cravings. We’ll meet you in the thriving SE industrial district, at our location near the real deal: the very first food cart pod. Here you’ll be fitted for a bike and helmet, and we’ll head on a neighborhood ride of 8-12 miles to three of our favorite food cart pods, as we unfold the fascinating (and only told by us!) tale of how Portland came to be the epicenter of the food cart craze. Sample food at each pod, with an option for beer or dessert, and some stops that tell a bit more to the food cart story.
Meet in inner SE Portland. Bikes and helmets provided.

Bike the Willamette Valley Wineries — $125*
Noon Friday, Saturday

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Willamette Valley boasts not only some of the best Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay in the world, but also some of the most beautiful country; and Oregon is one of the best places to bike. Combining these two is one of our favorite ways to experience Oregon’s famous wine region: biking plus wine! Our founder fell in love with wine bike tours five years ago, and here she and her bike route wizard partner have collaborated for what we believe is the best possible Willamette Valley wine tour by bike.

We’ll pick you up at your hotel or AirBNB in Portland (or a central location), or if you’re staying near wineries, we can meet you there. We’ll bring along a bike and helmet for each of you and we’ll ride through the vineyards, hazelnut orchards, berry farms and clover fields of the Willamette Valley. We’ll introduce you to three wineries, with moderate rides before each tasting. At the last winery, we’ll put the bikes back on the van and bring you back to the city in time for dinner.

Our ride is mostly on quiet roads that do have moderate vehicle traffic; riders should be comfortable on two-lane roads with little or no separation between vehicles and bicycles. We love riding in this region, as Oregon’s drivers are famously respectful of cyclists!

Tasting fees are not included; bicycle, helmet, snacks and water bottles are.

Meditative Garden Bike Tour — $90
10 a.m. Weekdays

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Experience Portland’s gardens in a deeper way on a bike tour that will delve into garden design as it is meant to access your higher self and touch all your senses — including your sense of spiritual connectedness. Our about five-hour tour includes admission to the Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden, guided meditations, and visits our guide’s favorite downtown meditative gardens and places. The tour is meant as a philosophical and historical approach to the garden as it is used in urban spaces, but one with a significant sense of delight in the encounter. Eight to 12 miles of biking and an option for an uphill climb (with a sweet transit workaround if that’s not your thing).

Meet in inner SE Portland. Bikes, helmets, snacks and garden admission provided.

Portland: Best of the City Bike Tour — $75*
10 a.m. Daily

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Explore the city as a Portlandian would, starting in the sweet inner Eastside neighborhoods. We’ll meet you in the thriving SE industrial district, at our location nestled in between three of Portland’s best coffee roasters, two distilleries, countless breweries and our favorite chocolate shop. Here you’ll be  fitted for a bike and helmet, ready for a sweet 8-10 mile ride through the Ladd’s Addition residential neighborhood, across the sexy Tilikum Bridge, and into Portland’s waterfront. See the city from the perspective of the family cyclist, the commuter, or the bike messenger — see its glossiest and grittiest neighborhoods, its greatest triumphs and its shames and transgressions, the stories of its native people, its merchants, its sailors and immigrants. Stops for snacks and to walk through gardens and parks along the way.
Meet in inner SE Portland. Bikes and helmets provided.

Eastside Distillery Row Bike Tour:
Brew, Barrel Age, Grow — $75
3 p.m. Thursday — Monday

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Our guides have taken thousands of cycling tourists to Portland’s breweries by bike — and who can blame them? Portland’s beer is fantastic. And so is its liquor; so is its pot. And did we mention cider? All four thrive near Cordilleran Tour’s home base, so we’ll wind through the eastside streets, stopping to sample all of what the neighborhood has to offer, with short jaunts into pretty residential districts between stops. (Our last stop is close enough to walk the bikes back should the samples be stronger than expected.) Tour price includes samples of beer and spirits, tours of the operations, bike, helmet, and a guide intimately familiar with the city’s beer, liquor and cannabis to point you in ALL the right directions.
Meet in inner SE Portland. 5-8 miles of easy riding. Bikes and helmets provided.

Oregon Coast Encounter — $125*
8:30 a.m. daily

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The Oregon Coast is an experience like no other and our Oregon Coast Encounter is a tour you’ll only find with us. From Astoria to Oceanside, our tour guides pick the best of the coast: hikes to waterfalls hidden from everyday view; up-close encounters with the iconic monoliths that make the Oregon Coast so unusual; lunch stops in sweet beach towns; maritime and fishing museums; our favorite cinnamon rolls, pie or ice cream; sand (if you want it) between your toes. Exact tour itinerary varies with season and preferences (your group and the guide will set the plan at the beginning of the day); but all tours include comfortable transportation to and from the coast, at least one hike onto a gorgeous Oregon beach, plenty of stunning vistas, snacks and water, and an enthusiastic guide. Tour will run 8-10 hours from pickup to drop off.

The BEST Mt. St. Helens Tour — $200*
8 a.m. July 1 – Oct 31

This is a 10-hour expedition that will take you places few non-locals ever see, along with some of the more well-known, but breathtaking, sites. Expect up to 6 miles (10 km) of moderate hiking.

Snacks are provided, with a place to pick up lunch and an option for a beer stop. Pickup in or near downtown Portland included.

Beyond Voodoo Doughnut Bike Tour — $50*
8 a.m. Thursday

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pips doughnuts on the beyond voodoo bike tour
Portland has so much more to offer than standing in line for porny doughnuts! Our tour experiences doughnuts like Portland’s legendary bike tour guides — people who have put in 100s of hours and dollars on their bikes, searching out doughnut shops and testing as many as we could burn off on the way home. Expect to try doughnuts of a wide variety and learn about the fried dough specialties of many places (especially this one). Our about three-hour bike tour will stop at 3-4 doughnut purveyors with about 12 miles of moderate biking.
Meet in inner SE Portland. Bikes and helmets provided.

Portland at Night Bike Tour — $65
7 p.m. Daily

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When our guides are asked, “what are you doing tonight?” the answer is usually, “ride my bike.” We felt terrible keeping it all to ourselves. The city is alive in a different way at night — grittier, quieter, more itself — and many of our favorite bicycle paths become refuges. No longer do commuters and racers ring their bells impatiently on our left; the industrial traffic dwindles. We ride to the call of the evening birds on the river and the hum of the freight trains; we watch the lights blink on the bridges and buildings and stadiums; windows become picture frames to the merriment of others; we find a quiet place to watch the sun color the sky and the city settles into its night rhythms. Our ride will start in inner SE Portland, where we’ll fit you for a bike and a helmet and let you pick your favorite lights. We’ll ride down to the river, past OMSI, under bridges, and along a floating walkway up into the inner NE to view psychedelic transit stops and tall lighted towers. We’ll ride across the bridge above the train station and down underneath, where the Amtrak often hums into the station. Once in the NW, we’ll ride through the parks of the Pearl District and return along the waterfront all the way to the newest bridge — our beloved colorfully lit Tilikum. All told, you’ll ride 8-10 miles at a comfortable pace, with just a few stops along the way for photos and beer (root beer options available).
Meet in inner SE Portland. Bikes, helmets and a beverage provided.

*These tours require an extra fee for bookings of one guest only. Please contact us at 503-889-6410 for single guest bookings.