Yarn Crawl 2020 in the Rose City: Ride with us!

Portland’s knitters are a special breed. I’ve attended readings for knitting writers where more than a hundred fans patiently waited in line (knitting of course) for signatures. The amazing Sock Summit filled the Convention Center, twice. I’ve been on knitting scavenger hunts and knit-in-public days.

This year, once again, thousands of knitters will run around town visiting yarn shops all over for four days in March.

And with the 2020 Yarn Crawl Tour we’re here to bring you to it. In two days, you will have the chance to get stamps from 10 yarn stores, through Portland’s five quadrants and two far-flung suburbs.

We’ll make sure you don’t miss any shops; and most importantly make sure you get to see the city and surrounding area with a tour guide’s perspective. We have two Mercedes Sprinter vans and one leather-upholstered minivan ready to tote you, your friends, and your beautiful yarn around town.

Book the March 5-6 two-day tour or the March 7-8 two-day tour, at only $175.

Read more, and book our one-day tour for just the SW and outside-of-Portland shops, only $100!

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