Lover’s tour: Open yourself to love, Portland-style

We write romance in tea and gardens | A tour for lovers of all kinds
| 4-6 hours | Thursday 14 February or Friday 15 February | 10 a.m. $55

We mean to celebrate love the way we always do: by opening ourselves to it. In 2019, the early part of February, with its new moon in Aquarius, should help us with new relationships; but once the day of lovers arrives on February 14 we see Mars transiting Taurus. This roots us into traditionalism and into the earth. As the first flowers of spring begin to bloom we should connect with the dirt from which they emerge.

Our tour will take you (and, if you like, your partner) gently toward the coming full moon. Like spring, we wish to emerge full into our creativity and voice come the Virgo moon on the 19th; but we need support. We begin in the late morning with a rose latte to wake us up and start the gentle opening of the spirit, and a poem to go along with it. We’ll stock our bag with healthy snacks and drive to a garden filled with some of Portland’s oldest trees — nothing says love like getting cheek-to-cheek with a century old tree. Here we’ll ground ourselves with some tree magic and a little reminder of how to stay rooted when we’re opening ourselves, with a breathing exercise.

What’s next? Water, of course! A bit of ritual cleansing (don’t worry, you won’t need your swimsuits). Next, we’re off to our favorite psychic tea room for a tea meant to release ourselves to the possibilities of intimacy, and if you choose, have your Tarot cards read.

We’ll finish with a drive to the top of the (Portland) world: we’ll go up to a viewpoint of the whole city — choice of viewpoint weather dependent of course. There is no place to make the message that you are open to love than an open scene of the world as we know it before you! Give love to all before you, hug the world, shout out your intentions for all to hear!

Our tour will come with an optional package of love-supportive tinctures and treats from a favorite herbalist. Book here!

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