First Day of the Year Hike

Book a First Day Hike!

Last year one of our favorite fellow tour guides invited us on a First Day Hike — a tradition that is not new, but hadn’t been in our parlance. It didn’t take long to convince us that we’d do it every year in the future (ice cream and coffee for pre-hike breakfast sealed the deal).

This year, we want to fill our Sprinter vans with you lovely people. We’re doing a steep discount from our typical hiking tour price, because we want to set the intention that 2019 will be about abundance, and we will value community over all else. Yes, there will be ice cream and coffee. Yes, you have to get up early.

The hike itself will be 4-6 miles; longer than the (awesome) state parks programs, and with some elevation gain, 1,200-1,800 feet. We will leave promptly at 8:30 a.m. from our shop at 811 SE Main Street.

Book here. $35, compared to our typical hiking tour cost of $125.

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