Press Release: Urban Winery and Farm to Table Tour

Urban Winery and Farm to Table tour launches, bringing Willamette Valley class to Portland’s best wineries

Portland, Oregon, 7 January 2019 — The urban wineries of Portland are growing to stand among their world-class Willamette Valley siblings; not just beautifully-made wine from some of the region’s best vineyards, but also showcases for exquisite farm-to-table cuisine. Cordilleran Tours introduces the Urban Winery and Farm to Table tour: an experience that finally recognizes that.

“Tours outside the city are a rich experience, with expert guides, beautiful settings, and an expectation of professionalism,” explains Sarah Gilbert, company founder and Portland native. “It’s time we took that experience back into the city, where it’s always belonged.”

With both the Willamette Valley’s and the Columbia Valley’s American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) providing the grapes, Portland’s urban wineries represent a distillation of the region, nearly 2,000 vineyards and dozens of varieties. The city’s wineries are also a hotbed of innovation. The wild variety of growing regions and fruit is matched only by the creativity of the makers crushing, fermenting and blending their wine in the industrial and residential neighborhoods of the inner city.

And then there’s the food! With transport in one of our company’s comfortable Mercedes Sprinter vans, Cordilleran Tours’ Urban Winery and Farm to Table tour will visit three carefully hand-picked urban wineries, the last one which will include seasonal, vegetable-rich pairings of inventive local farm-to-table cuisine. Wineries are chosen the same way they are in the top sommelier-led tours: our expert guides taste through the flights regularly to select only our favorites.

oeufs and wine at oui bar

The tour is priced at $100, including farm-to-table small plates at the final stop, and begins at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. (Other days available by request.) The tour is about five hours in duration.

From the moment you touch down at the airport, until you fall into your bed exhausted from your intense experience, Cordilleran Tours (say “core-duh-LAIR-uhn”) has designed a tour to connect you more intimately to the life of the city and the region surrounding it. Our goal is to immerse you in the culture of Portland, the trails and waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge, the vistas and forests of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, and the wineries of the Willamette Valley and the Gorge. Our hiking, bicycling and Mercedes Sprinter tours transform the ordinary encounter into true magic.

Each of our tours is meant to engage with the others to provide you with the most comprehensive and unique travel experience available in any part of the Pacific Northwest. Once you arrive in the city via the Bicycle Airport Express, join us on one of our hiking tours to the Columbia Gorge, either a fully-supported tour spanning the arid east and rainforest west of the 80 mile (130 km)-long gorge. Or, ride with us around the city on our Best of the City Bike Tour, the only available bike tour that explores neighborhoods in the sweet southeast, towering South Waterfront, inner SW and NW, and the Lan Su Chinese Garden. If you love gardens and the spiritual connection they provide to nature, you’ll need to experience our Portland Meditative Garden Tour, that visits both Portland’s Japanese and Chinese gardens, with stops at other urban refuges and some opportunity for meditation of your own.

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Our guides are longtime aficionados of Portland’s wine, beer and spirits scenes, and our founder spent years as a food writer, so our tours explore our very favorite neighborhoods with authority and joy, and stop in the places where we can ourselves be found after a long day’s work.

Our founders have worked in the tourism industry for many years, always with the goal of one day finding a way to provide tours that answered the question: “what would YOU do with this day in Portland?” — or outside of Portland. We set our intention each morning to design opportunities for our tour guests to experience the city and the surrounding areas the way we do ourselves: with absolute delight.

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Cordilleran Tours provides bicycling, hiking & Mercedes Sprinter tours to Portland and surrounding areas, including the Columbia Gorge & Willamette Valley wineries. Staying deeply connected to the spirit and science of the forest, rocks and rivers, Cordilleran Tours provides immersive, responsive and instructive tours meant to delight, educate and change you, such as meditative garden tours, doughnut tours, and small wineries tours.