Press Release: Cordilleran Tours launches Portland’s (and the world’s) first Bicycle Airport Express

Cordilleran Tours launches Portland’s (and the world’s) first Bicycle Airport Express

Portland, Oregon — From the moment you touch down at the airport, until you fall into your bed exhausted from your intense experience, Cordilleran Tours (say “core-duh-LAIR-uhn”) has designed a tour to connect you more intimately to the life of the city and the region surrounding it. Our goal is to immerse you in the culture of Portland, the trails and waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge, the vistas and forests of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, and the wineries of the Willamette Valley and the Gorge. Our hiking, bicycling and Mercedes Sprinter tours transform the ordinary encounter into true magic.

Our Bicycle Airport Express service, launching with a media tour October 10, 2018, is the best introduction to Cordilleran Tours’ approach to the visitor experience. BAX is the only service of its kind in the world. You can be one of the first (ever!) to ride from [at or near] the airport to your downtown accommodation in the style to which Portland is accustomed: by bicycle. If you like, tote your own luggage; or we’ll happily transport it for you.

“Book BAX and our guide will meet you at the airport with two cargo bikes: one for you and one for your guide,” explains Sarah Gilbert, company founder and Portland native. “She would be happy to load all your luggage — our guides are crazy about hauling things on their bikes — or you can carry some yourself. You’ll ride together in one of the most beautiful urban bike rides in the world, a journey that truly spans Portland’s geography, neighborhoods, and history, along the two major rivers that shaped our city, past sloughs, Gothic bridges, quiet neighborhoods and parks in which the Douglas-firs and hemlocks tower.” 

Each of our tours is meant to engage with the others to provide you with the most comprehensive and unique travel experience available in any part of the Pacific Northwest. Once you arrive in the city via the Bicycle Airport Express, join us on one of our hiking tours to the Columbia Gorge, either a fully-supported tour spanning the arid east and rainforest west of the 80 mile (130 km)-long gorge, or a trailhead shuttle to bring you and some new friends to and from the most popular nearby hikes without renting a car. Or, ride with us around the city on our More than Downtown Bike Tour, the only available bike tour that explores neighborhoods in the sweet southeast, towering South Waterfront, inner SW and NW, and the Lan Su Chinese Garden. If you love gardens and the spiritual connection they provide to nature, you’ll need to experience our Meditative Garden Bike Tour, that visits both Portland’s Japanese and Chinese gardens, with stops at other urban refuges and some opportunity for meditation of your own.

Our guides are longtime aficionados of Portland’s wine, beer and spirits scenes, and our founder spent years as a food writer, so our tours explore our very favorite neighborhoods and stop in the places where we can ourselves be found after a long day’s work: like the first-of-their-kind Urban Winery Bike Tour and the Eastside Distillery Row Bike Tour — you’ll sample not just spirits but beer and cider as well. Keep the energy high through Portland’s beautiful nightlights with our Portland at Night Bike Tour, winding over bridges, along the river esplanades, and into the neighborhood where our favorite speakeasy is tucked away.

Our founders have worked in the tourism industry for many years, always with the goal of one day finding a way to provide tours that answered the question: “what would YOU do with this day in Portland?” — or outside of Portland. We set our intention each morning to design opportunities for our tour guests to experience the city and the surrounding areas the way we do ourselves: with absolute delight.

Getting outside the city is easy, too, with our Mercedes Sprinter tours, exploring all the places we get away from it all. Our Best Mt. St. Helens Tour is a full day of education, experience, and activity, with stunning vistas of volcano-scarred landscapes and quiet hikes through old-growth forests. Our Encounter series, launching in June, will take you and your travel companions to the trails, waterfalls and vistas on Mt. Hood and the Oregon Coast that most tour companies avoid for a connection with the part of our region that we find most deeply meaningful. 

“One of the things we love most about our jobs is our mandate of responsiveness,” says Gilbert. “Our tours are designed to meet our guests wherever their abilities and passions lie. We’re happy to slow down a pace or get a little more adventurous if that’s your speed; or design a tour just for you. About a quarter of our business is custom tours and that’s one of the places where our guides shine most brilliantly.”

Ride along with us to find out what you will encounter, and take a more intimate look at the popular tourist destinations — and at the destinations most tourists have yet to discover.

Join us for the Bicycle Airport Express  launch, 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 10, 2018, near the bicycle racks at the south end of the baggage claim area. Bring your bike and ride along with us for the whole ride (about 13 miles) or a portion, or book one of our bicycles by emailing — or just come for the goodies and the Instagram opportunities.

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Cordilleran Tours provides bicycling, hiking & Mercedes Sprinter tours to Portland and surrounding areas, including the Columbia Gorge & Willamette Valley wineries. Staying deeply connected to the spirit and science of the forest, rocks and rivers, Cordilleran Tours provides immersive, responsive and instructive tours meant to delight, educate and change you, such as meditative garden tours, doughnut tours, and small wineries tours.