Happy winter! Come tour with us, or get a postcard

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Yes! It’s one of our favorite times of year: when we get a little break from the busy days of spring, summer and early fall — we get to hike, test new tours, and develop the artistic side of our business. One of the reasons we’re in this business because we’re artists who can’t stand sitting behind a desk — or creating art we don’t believe in.

Remember the part about how we can’t stand sitting behind a desk? We can’t stand sitting still either. That means we are open throughout the holiday season. Please feel free to book tours or call us any time for custom experiences — whether it’s a relative in town who would just love to see the best urban wineries, or a special excursion into our favorite places to hike in the rainy season, when the waterfalls are spurting out of every orifice and cranny of the Columbia Gorge’s walls.

We said something about art! We’ve been busy creating postcards like this. We’re selling them on Sarah’s Etsy page. You can choose to purchase the unsullied cards to send to your own friends and family or hang on your refrigerator; or we’ll send you one with a little handwritten note, from Bridal Veil Post Office of course!

Most exciting (we think) is a series of postcards, a literary journal in tiny form, about the recovery from the fires in the Columbia Gorge that began September 2, 2017.