Food cart craze!

sarah gilbert food cart bike tour in Portland Oregon We’re so happy to introduce our Food Carts by Bike tour! It’s been a really long time coming — Sarah wrote the story of food carts many years ago while guiding at another bike tour company, and even before that a whole decade ago when the food cart craze began, writing about food, farms and food culture for local and national blogs. The tour gets its transformation now as Portland’s food cart pods grow and change with the economy and the food culture of Portland — an ever-evolving culture, community and economy.

This perfect 8- to 12-mile bike tour will guide you on a culinary experience through some of our favorites, sampling everything from farm-to-table delights to snacks appropriate to late-night cravings. We’ll meet you in the thriving SE industrial district, at our location near the real deal: the very first food cart pod. Here you’ll be fitted for a bike and helmet, and we’ll head on a neighborhood ride to three of our favorite food cart pods, as we unfold the fascinating (and only told by us!) tale of how Portland came to be the epicenter of the food cart craze. Sample food at each pod, with an option for beer or dessert, and some stops that tell a bit more to the food cart story. The tour starts at 10 a.m. and runs daily starting July 25!

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Bicycle Airport Express NOT launching June 21!

I was super excited to launch Bicycle Airport Express (BAX), this first-of-its-kind service*, one in which we meet you at the airport with a cargo bike (one for you, one for our tour guide) and transport your luggage to the city center while we take you on one of the most beautiful rides we can devise. It’s a beautiful bike tour and a wonderful introduction to the city.

BUT we don’t have a permit to cross the street at the Portland International Airport. After multiple contacts and conversations with the Port of Portland in which it was established that no, my bicycles do not have individual vehicle insurance but yes, I do have all the liability insurance and permits required to operate in the city, except for the all-important non-existent bicycle airport tour permit, we are at a temporary impasse.

While we work out exactly what permit might be required and whether or not my insurance is appropriate and whether a whole new program should be established (after all we want this service to be replicated everywhere! it’s so cool) — I can’t officially launch a service going from the airport.

Here is the press release! We’ll see you [near] there.

*So I have to give credit to Tim Mongin, from Travel Portland, who gave me the gem of this idea in the first place. He hadn’t envisioned what to do with luggage but I knew Madi Carlson and I could haul it. This service is powered, inspired, and run by bike riding mamas.

Cordilleran Tours

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Cordilleran Tours delves more deeply — beyond the stories of the victors and despoilers — to find all the stories that make up a city, region, natural wonder or cultural feature, highlighting stories of the indigenous people and species, immigrants, laborers, makers, artists, dreamers and the land itself.

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