Bicycle Airport Express

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Flying in to the city, are you? If you were a true Portlandian, you’d be riding a bike by now — not just any bike, mind you. A cargo bike.

Our Bicycle Airport Express service is the only one of its kind in the world. You can be one of the first (ever!) to ride from the airport to your downtown accommodation in the style to which Portland is accustomed: by bicycle. If you like, tote your own luggage; or we’ll happily transport it for you.

Currently, we don’t have the permits to do exactly this! But we’ll meet you nearby.

Our Bicycle Airport Express — BAX — guide will meet you at or near the airport with cargo bikes (one for our guide, one for you). [Currently, the Port of Portland is trying to figure out which permits we might need to meet you on airport property with a bike. No one’s ever done this before!]

If you’ve decided to get the bragging rights for yourself, opt to tote your luggage on your own bike; if not, our guide will be happy to carry your luggage on hers. Ride along two rivers to transport you and your things directly to your hotel or AirBNB; we can provide service to both east side and inner west side destinations. While timing will vary based on your destination, fitness level, and the amount of luggage you’ve brought along, expect to arrive at your accommodation around four hours after airport arrival. Morning arrivals recommended; if your flight arrives after noon, please contact us directly before booking.

After meeting you at the baggage claim area, your guide will provide you with coffee or tea for the ride in a locally-designed reusable container (naturally). You’ll load your luggage on the appropriate bike, and begin your ride into the city. Along the way, expect to see, learn and experience more in four hours than you could in a hundred more conventional airport transportation. On your ride, you may see bald eagles, herons, art cars and bagpipe-playing unicyclists — and if the weather is clear, a view of all five of the stratovolcanic mountains that ring Portland. You will definitely see beautiful vistas of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, wild and industrial spaces, the gothic arches of the iconic St. John’s Bridge, many of Portland’s 209 parks, numerous food carts, and a selection of Portland’s most interesting neighborhoods as you ride into the heart of the city. Your guide will orient you, not just to the layout of the city, but also to biking here, and whatever you want to know about Portland culture. Think of her, not just as your guide, but as your coach, your personal trainer, your host to an experience like no other.

A vegetarian lunch will be onboard too; expect to stop along the way (weather permitting) for a picnic. If the weather isn’t so fine, pull into a neighborhood coffee shop or food cart pod to eat and relax before completing your journey.

Many ask us what a sufficient gratuity is for this service; we suggest tipping more than you would for a typical tour (guests generally leave 10-20% for our other tours).