Full moon eclipse hike, January 20

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When we set out to do our full moon hiking series, we were looking to find an alternative to more expensive options run by bigger companies. But we found a whole new love: bringing a diverse group of adults and children out into the forest for some well-lit hiking and a little ritual.

We set the dates for this month’s hiking tours and then started getting questions about the lunar eclipse — the only full lunar eclipse this year, set for the full wolf moon. Our intention is to be hiking with headlamps and sparkly lights as the eclipse begins, and drive to a viewpoint where the full moon (clouds depending) will be visible. The maximum eclipse is about 9:11 p.m., so we will be out late (we’ll leave just after the eclipse is full).

We’re doing a steep discount from our typical hiking tour price, because we have set the intention that 2019 will be about abundance, and we will value community over all else.

The hike itself will be 1-3 miles; we’re not announcing the actual hiking location until Sunday afternoon. We will leave at 6:00 p.m. from our shop at 811 SE Main Street, and pick up outer eastsiders in the center of downtown Troutdale, near the Troutdale General Store, around 6:30.

Book here. $30, compared to our typical hiking tour cost of $105.

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