Who we are

Our company founders have been tour guides in both a professional and personal manner for ages. We appreciate deeply this city in which we live and work, but outside the bounds of the city, in the gorge, Cascadian forests, mountains, high desert, and coast — this is where we find our hearts.

Sarah Gilbert, Owner, Tour Guide Extraordinaire

Sarah Gilbert is a writer of essays and poetry, mother of three boys, passionate bicyclist, and performs her worship in the forests, deserts, basalt walls, and waterfalls. She is finishing a books of essays called Invasive Species: Things I have learned outside of school.

Sarah began leading bike rides a decade ago, but took to tour guiding professionally in 2014, applying knowledge of wine, food and culture to an oral storytelling tradition. Sarah’s expertise begins deep in the culture of the place we now call “Portlandia” — she was keeping chickens, pickling things and putting a bird on it before any of those skits for the now-famous TV show were written. Now she has developed or honed knowledge in areas ranging from geologic history, to Lewis & Clark and the Oregon trail, to Native American mythology, to coffee roasting, to the gardens of Suzhou, China and Kyoto, Japan, to tiny homes; and whatever else informs the modern expression of art, culture, spirituality and social groups in and around Portland.

Sarah graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA and has worked in investment banking, startup management, and social media, but life as a tour guide has expanded her world in a way she never knew possible. Whether it’s a conversation with a long-time resident of Yellow Knife, Northern Territories; a South American television producer living in Japan; a Chinese professor on a teaching stint in Iowa; or a museum architect from Toronto; she counts among her treasures the stories of all her guests, and draws upon them to more richly inform those that come after.

Edwin Skaug, Operations Manager

A bicyclist since he was a little boy, Edwin discovered a passion that would inform not just his recreation but his work too. As founder of A Convenient Cycle, a bike shop in Southeast Portland, he served customers as mechanic and consultant for years before an injury forced its closure; bringing Convenient Cycle back to work with Cordilleran Tours has been a dream come true.

His work at Pedal Bike Tours as both head mechanic and shop manager brought him to the tourism industry but it is his love for exploring the Pacific Northwest (and everywhere else he goes) by bicycle that makes him the route planner for Cordilleran Tours.